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Courses & Classes

Chapters Family Treatment Center offers online courses and classes in specific areas. We provide a certificate of completion and offer ongoing resources and referrals when needed.

Anger Management - 12 weeks

Substance Abuse - 16 weeks

Domestic Violence Accountability - 16 weeks

Parenting - 16 weeks

School or Goal Issues

Pressures on academics, athletic or other performances can become overwhelming. Our team is able to help teens and young adults separate the emotion from the logic and build resiliency in order to re-frame obstacles as opportunity. Learning how to prioritize tasks and take inventory of what is important is one coping skill that will be used for a lifetime.

Failing grades, skipping classes or an overall lack of motivation is a sign that a teen needs a little more help. Our team is experienced with teen issues and are able to support your teen with individual and group therapy.

Our program includes education assistance to get teens back on track. We also offer goal and career assistance for graduates.

Social Anxiety

Anxiety among adolescents is not uncommon but when anxiety starts to impair daily functioning, intervention from a professional can help provide tools and resiliency training for teens. Early intervention is key in social anxiety among teens in order to avoid impairment in social abilities or school performance. Individual and group therapy for teens with social anxiety are beneficial for teens because they both address underlying causes of anxiety and provide a safe space for teens to explore their emotions and though patterns.

Isolation or Anger Issues

It can be very scary when teens withdraw from family or friends or have anger outbursts. Parents may feel nervous to intervene or upset the child. Therapy is a good resource for teens who are isolating or having anger outbursts because it is a place to hold them accountable and provide new tools for better coping. Individual therapy for teens can help resolve the deep rooted issues a teen may not feel comfortable discussing with an adult. Group therapy is a great way for teens to connect with peers and find commonalities with other teens.

Electronic Addiction

Video games and cell phones are a part of most families daily lives. What happens when the devices meant to bring us together are actually separating us? Our team can help refocus adolescents and create a healthy balance between being present in the moment and enjoying electronics.

Isolation, avoidance, depression, anxiety, burnout, sensory or stimulation issues may be a factor for those spending too much time on video games or apps and we are here to help.


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Our team is here for you and your family. Contact us to learn more about our program and the services we offer.

Program Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

11:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday & Friday

11:00am - 5:00pm

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