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In person & telehealth options are available

Our Services


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

We have three separate PHP programs, one for teens, one for adults, and one for children.


Our partial hospitalization program has a limited capacity. We keep our clientele numbers low in order to better serve our clients. Smaller group sizes and more individual sessions improves the outcomes of clients in a therapeutic setting.

Partial hospitalization provides intensive individualized care provided by doctoral and masters level staff and medication support with our on site, triple board certified psychiatrist. We  diagnose and treat mental health and dual diagnosis issues with the best quality of care.

PHP includes 3 private individual sessions, family therapy sessions, and psychiatry.


Clients Choose Us Because...

Intensive Outpatient Program


We have three separate IOP programs for children, teens, and adults.  We provide an environment and the tools for our clients to build self esteem and efficacy while focusing on therapy and psychiatry when needed. We focus on healing the whole family unit and that is why our center offers more private family sessions than most other IOP programs.


We offer flexible IOP hours to accomodate our clients schedules.


IOP includes 2 private therapy sessions, family therapy, and psychiatry.

Outpatient Program

Chapters offers outpatient therapy and psychiatry services to for all age groups. We focus on the continued growth and development of our clients and provide skills and tools for lifelong success. Our outpatient program can include family or couples therapy when needed. We offer flexible hours and Saturday availability.

We prefer to see our clients in person, but we do offer telehealth services.


Our therapists are trained in action-oriented therapy for those clients who find themselves stuck or repeating the same patterns.

More Individual Sessions

We know that one-on-one time between a client and therapist is valuable and that is why we offer more private family sessions than other outpatient, IOP, or PHP programs.

Psychiatric Services

Our Psychiatrist is triple board certified and serves as Medical Director. We offer psychiatric services to all levels of care for our clients.

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Family Emphasis

Treating one member of a family is rarely effective and treatment can include involving family members into the treatment. We provide tools, resources, and therapy for all core family members to ensure complete care for our clients.

Performing Arts

Family Therapy

Our emphasis is in our name, family treatment. We focus on family therapy and reunification services and our center offers more family sessions than other PHP/IOP programs. We focus on healing the whole family unit and teaching communication and coping skills to all core members for better long term outcomes.

Medication Management

Our Medical Director is a triple board certified psychiatrist who has worked at top hospitals in Los Angeles and has years of experience in children, teens, and adult outpatient and residential treatment. Our psychiatrist works with clients and families to educate and empower individuals regarding diagnoses and medications.

Education & Goal Setting

We understand the importance of education and our center has dedicated classroom time to ensure that our clients excel in their education. We focus on re-integration into the classroom setting. We assist clients with setting and keeping goals for education and career advancement.

Family Therapy


Acknowledging the mind-body connection is paramount in treatment and recovery. Our center offers experiential therapies including yoga, meditation, acceptance and commitment, and breathworks. We are always exploring new treatment modalities through research and our involvement in the psychology community.

Our program includes a health and wellness expert to address holistic medications, yoga and movement, and the mind-body connection for our clients.

Treatment Modalities

Treatment Modalities

Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT)

An intervention used to discover negative thinking patterns that keep teens stuck, resulting in unwanted and unhealthy behaviors. This broad term intervention includes identifying the self and establishing compassion, acceptance, and self worth in teens in order to live a more productive & healthy lifestyle.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Identifying the source of negative thinking patterns in order to consciously change the patterns into positive outcomes is the goal of CBT. Teens learn how to manage thoughts and emotions that affect their behavior in everyday real world experiences so that they can lead a balance & informed life.

Emotional Regulation / Coping Skills

This intervention addresses how teens develop reactive responses to emotions and teaches coping skills. This is done through rethinking or re-framing in order to better manage anger, anxiety, fear, and sadness. Providing teens tools to choose alternative healthy behaviors in order to replace old destructive or unproductive behaviors.

Multi-Family Therapy (MFT)

The goal of this intervention is building community and educating parents and families. Working conjointly as a unit helps families move past issues where they may be stuck and doing so in a group setting can foster growth internally and externally as groups overcome problems.

Processing Groups

A tool used in recovery for teens, processing groups allows for growth and change. Members are able to share struggles, triggers, and concerns in a safe space in order to give and receive encouragement and feedback from peers and professionals. Preparing clients for real world reactions & responses.

Trauma Focused / Informed

Identifying traumas and triggers is an important intervention for teens. Building bonds and finding commonality among members helps to rebuild trust for teens. Unresolved traumas perpetuate negative thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Identifying and processing traumas is the best way for teens to progress.

Goal Setting & Check In

Setting goals and progress reviews are emphasized in this intervention designed to boost self-esteem and efficacy. Accountability, responsibility, and recognition of accomplishments is key to growth. Motivational interviewing, resilience counseling, and helping teens discover their passions is the goal.

Experiential Groups

Drama, art, yoga, mindfulness, comedy and improv, and meditation are all experiential interventions used to help teens recenter, cope, self-regulate, and process thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This allows teens to try new things and discover new coping skills and talents.

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